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Eater National's Scoop on Range's First Night

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Bryan Voltaggio's newest restaurant Range officially opened on Tuesday, but Eater National was there on Range's very first night of service. Eater National's Amy McKeever recorded her observations as she listened in on the many staff pep talks and chatted with Range's very first guests.

Only the most dedicated scored a reservation at Range's preview night. According to Voltaggio, all of that night's reservations were made within eight minutes of 5 a.m. on Black Friday. So who are these Voltaggio super fans? McKeever interviewed diner Scott Edelman, who traveled two hours from West Virginia — cooler for leftovers in tow — to dine at Range.

And how did the first night go? Pretty well, minus some problems cooking the beef shin, one of the menu items. The huge cut of beef ended up taking longer to cook than expected, and one table's beef shin didn't arrive till past 11:30 p.m. But Voltaggio was excited about Range's opening, despite having to rework that particular dish. He tells McKeever, "It's one of those things we never want to have fail, but if it's all we really had fail, I consider us still off to a good start." —Adele Chapin

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