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Taylor Time

taylor-gourmet-deli-thumb.jpgThe Taylor Gourmet team plans to take an expansion break as soon as three new Taylor outposts open in Washington and Merrifield within the next three months. According to the Washington Post, the location at Merrifield's Mosaic District — the first Taylor Gourmet in Virginia — will be open by early February. Then a Taylor Gourmet will open in March at 645 E St. NW, and a third location will open near the White House at 1750 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. And to staff all these new locations, 100 employees will be added to Taylor Gourmet's 250 current employees. [CapBiz] —Adele Chapin

Taylor Gourmet

2400 South Smith Boulevard, , VA 22202 (703) 417-2145