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Andrés' Navy Adventure, David Guas on 'Today'

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

JOSE ANDRES WIRE— "If there's one thing in life I would do again if I could, it would be this." That's José Andrés offering the Wall Street Journal a personal narrative of his time serving on a tall ship in the Spanish navy. [WSJ]

LOGAN CIRCLE 5. Days. Of Brunch. That's what The Pig has to offer between now and Jan. 1, which means you can turn to the restaurant if you need to fight a New Year's Eve hangover. [Facebook]

FOOD TV— DVR alert. David Guas will be on the lush-est hour of "The Today Show" on Monday. The Bayou Bakery chef will be showing off party recipes that can be made for a New Year's Eve celebration, from cocktails to desserts. [EaterWire]

BLAGDEN ALLEYRogue 24 is offering an Industry Night Sunday. For $145, you get the Journey tasting menu and pairings. [Twitter]

David Guas on "Today" [Courtesy Photo]

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