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The Curbed Cup Finals; The Best Of Everything For 2012

All the latest neighborhood news from Curbed DC...

CURBED CUP—The votes have been tallied and the final showdown is on starting now. Which neighborhood deserves Neighborhood of the Year? 14th Street Corridor or Anacostia? Polls will be open through January 1st.

CELEBRITIES—We've rounded up the posts about the people everyone has heard of. This year Alex Ovechkin bought a house, a few Redskins sold or tried to sell one, Gilbert Arenas is still hanging on to his Great Falls home, and a number of politicians made real estate news.

VIDEOS—A rich Republican wrapped gifts in dollar bills, someone made a Shit Real Estate Agents say video, Gangam Style was set to a synchronized light show on someone's house, and a few more video interludes tickled our funny bone.

PRICE CHOPS—This year a four million dollar house came down to under one million, a White House replica took a shave, the Lucky 7 condo dropped in price, and more homes took a hit so they could sell.

RACKED DC—There are over a hundred post-Christmas sales to report plus a few other stores that are opening or closing around DC. Get ready to spend some gift cards.

HOUSING—The year 2012 was a bumpy one for real estate, but what about 2013? We talked to the CMO of the DMV's listing service, John Heithaus, about five trends to expect in 2013.

ARLINGTON—There's a new $6M condo for sale, on the 30th floor of a high rise that overlooks the Potomac River. Make DC friends jealous because your building has a 30th floor.