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What Eater Readers Were Talking About in 2012

Photo: R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

As the year winds down, let's hear it for the commenters, who love to weigh in on their favorite sandwiches, their least favorite chefs and whether a new restaurant is going to be intriguing or totally lame. But what really got Eater Readers talking in 2012? Here's a hint — if the phrase "hot chefs" is in the headline, readers probably had something to say about it. But there was also chatter about dishes you crave, restaurants you miss, and more. Here are the most commented posts of 2012. How many do you remember?

10. Voting Begins Now for DC's 2012 Chef of the Year [36 comments]
9. What DC Dish Do You Crave Most Frequently? [37 comments]
8. Which Chain Restaurant Should Open Up in DC Already? [40 comments]
7. Hot Chefs Semifinal: McCormick, Goldian, Brannon, Miller [42 comments]
6. What is the One DC Restaurant You Miss the Most? [42 comments]
5. Are These DC's 30 Most Underrated Restaurants? [44 comments]
4. What Is the Most Underrated Restaurant in DC? [45 comments]
3. Voting Begins Now for DC's 2012 Restaurant of the Year [46 comments]
2. What's Your Favorite DC Sandwich? [51 comments]

...and the one that blew them all away:

1. Hot Chefs Final: Critchley vs. McCormick [152 comments]