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Something from Taylor Gourmet Opening on 14th St.

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Another day, another Taylor Gourmet announcement. Young & Hungry reports that the Taylor Gourmet team is taking over the building that once held Mid City Deli, at the intersections of 14th and P Street NW. Taylor partner David Mazza recently registered "Sauced 1418 14th" as an LLC, but wouldn't provide additional details. This comes just a week after it became known that there's another Taylor opening near the White House.

Meanwhile, an eager reader reminds us through the tipline that Taylor Charles Steak & Ice had been shooting for an early December opening. Given it's now early December, Eater asked co-owner Casey Patten about the status. He said they're looking to set an opening date for the place this week; Eater will update when they do.

[Photo: Taylor Gourmet]

Taylor Gourmet

2400 South Smith Boulevard, , VA 22202 (703) 417-2145

Taylor Gourmet, Unnamed Concept

1418 14th St. NW Washington, DC