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Sushipao Launches; GW Mulls Trucks on Meal Plan

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Food Truck Friday is moving to an occasional, rather than weekly, feature until spring, since food truck news slows down during the colder months. But don't fret: you can still find trucks around town in many neighborhoods.

meatballlogo.jpgNEW TRUCKS— Caribbean Cafe, serving West Indian food, launches Monday at L'Enfant. Sushipao has started serving up sushi in Tysons Corner. Yumpling has launched near the State Department. [FTF]

TRUCK NEWSGeorge Washington University students will soon be able to use their meal plan cards to buy food from trucks that park near the school. [Hatchet]

GONE FOR THE SEASON— Say goodbye temporarily to AZN Eats, which is gone for the winter. [FTF]

REVIEWS— Brightest Young Things is thrilled with the combination of "meatball" and "slider", when it comes to Meatball Nation.