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Good Stuff's Georgetown Expansion Not Yet a Done Deal

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Buzzkill time: Yesterday brought reports of Good Stuff Eatery having finally settled on a Georgetown location, but now a rep for the burger place is walking it back, saying that the lease is not yet finalized and negotiations are still about three weeks out from being a done deal.

As the rep tells Eater, "we've gone through this twice with two other locations that didn't go through. It's taken us a year and a half to get this location." So, in other words, they probably have a space, but don't hold your breath or anything. Just in case.

Anyway, it's eventually going to happen, so where might Good Stuff be landing? Well, a commenter sounds pretty confident that Good Stuff is moving into the M Street space that currently houses the Georgetown Wing Co. Eater reached out to owner Sri Suku, who confirmed that he has been in talks with the Good Stuff folks, but explains:

"Nothing has been confirmed yet and it won't be confirmed in the next, I would say, five to six months. They're looking at the space, but there's at least four or five other spaces on the street, which I'm not really able to disclose at the moment."

Well, OK then. So there are two radically different timelines given for a deal, but at least we know one of the options. And it appears that the possible spaces are mostly on M Street. So if it's not Georgetown Wing Co, where might it be? Let's monger some more rumors in the comments.

Good Stuff Eatery [Photo: Jessica C./Yelp]

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