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Food Trucks Association Throws Support to New Regs

Mayor Vince Gray released a proposal of new food regulations about a week and a half ago and now, after much fussing over what these actually mean, the DC Food Trucks Association has officially come out in support of the regulations. But with a few caveats, of course, because the democratic process is nothing without them.

These caveats are concerns that have been highlighted over the past week or so: that dessert trucks would be treated differently than other trucks; that vending zones could turn into "food truck-free" zones; and that food trucks would not be allowed to operate late-night, which means they couldn't scoop up all that business that comes with the drunk munchies. So the association would like to see these things addressed.

As such, it has put a petition online that it is asking followers to sign during the public comment period. That period ends on February 18.

The press release:

DCFTA Calls for District to Pass New Food Truck Regulations

WASHINGTON, DC – The Washington, DC Food Trucks Association (DCFTA) today
announced its support for Mayor Vincent Gray’s proposed new vending regulations
and asked the District to quickly pass the new rules.

“Overall, the proposed regulations are a significant improvement to the current
rules,” said Che Ruddell-Tabisola, Executive Director of the Washington, DC Food
Trucks Association. “We are asking our followers and fans to express their support
for the proposed rules to the District before February 18, when the public comment
period concludes.”

However, Ruddell-Tabisola said, the proposed rules also contain regulations that
need to be addressed to ensure that they do not threaten new and innovative small
businesses in the District:

Limiting Sweets Trucks to 10 Minutes: The proposed regulations allow
dessert trucks to be open for only 10 minutes if there are no waiting
customers. Sweets food trucks should be allowed to be open as long as
savory food trucks.

Zoning of Food Trucks: The new regulations propose to create Vending
Development Zones. The goals of these zones are worthy. However,
Vending Development Zones must not be manipulated by special interest
to create “Food Truck-Free Zones” that eliminate consumer choice or fair

Shorter Hours for Food Trucks Than for Restaurants: The proposed
regulations require food trucks to close at 10 pm on weekdays and 1 am
on weekends. Food trucks should be allowed to be open the same hours as

“We’re grateful to Mayor Gray and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory
Affairs for their proposed new regulations to keep food trucks open and serving
the District of Columbia,” Ruddell-Tabisola said. “The DCFTA is dedicated to

working in partnership with the District to enact food truck regulations that protect
public health and safety, promote businesses and ensure the best interest of the

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Truckeroo [Photo: eeliuth/Flickr]