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Breakfast To Go at Bistro Bis; Hot Chocolate Cocktails

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CAPITOL HILL—This very morning, Capitol Hill's Bistro Bis launched a new breakfast-to-go menu that involves breakfast sandwiches on house-made biscuits. They've got a menu and some food porn over on their Facebook page. [EaterWire]

PALISADES—Just in time for this 70-degree weather, Et Voila debuts its hot chocolate cocktail menu tonight featuring three boozy chocolate drinks and one non-alcoholic. Um, well, surely it will get cold again before springtime, right? [EaterWire]

SUPER BOWL—For those hosting Super Bowl parties this weekend, Red Apron is offering a bunch of special items such as bacon cheddar slider patties and half-smoke slider patties in addition to their regular lineup of meats. Ordering is available online until tomorrow with pick up at Planet Wine or the Dupont Farmers Market. [EaterWire]

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS—New Columbia Heights reports that Paila Chilean Grill has expanded its menu to include things like ceviche and chicken a la pobre, which apparently is "a traditional Chilean dish made with steak, fish or chicken topped with a fried egg and fried onions, over French fries." [NCH]

WEST END—Today, chef Ris Lacoste launched her Ris Walk 60 initiative in which she invites anyone who is interested to walk with her for an hour a day and donate $1 per mile to the George Washington University Women's Heart Center. According to a press release, the "goal of the program is to walk 25,000 miles in 2012 to raise $25,000." More information is available on the restaurant's website. [EaterWire]

Bistro Bis

15 E Street Northwest, , DC 20001 (202) 661-2700 Visit Website

Et Voila!

5120 MacArthur Boulevard, , DC 20016 (202) 237-2300 Visit Website

Bistro Bis

15 E St NW, Washington, DC