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Bonji Beard Has Quietly Parted Ways With Rogue 24

Here's a staff shuffle that went unnoticed at the start of the new year: Bonji Beard is no longer the woman who stands between you and a table at Rogue 24. Beard joined Rogue back in July and a rep for the restaurant explains that she "decided to leave at the end of last year." Rogue has already found a replacement in Athena Foltz as it continues on with its high-buzz Rogue Sessions.

Eater reached out to Beard, who confirms that she's the latest to leave Rogue 24 and sent over the following statement about why she has jumped from both Rogue and minibar in the last year — because, as you may know, this is the woman who gained a legion of her own fans after years of working the incredibly tough reservations line at the José Andrés restaurant.

"My decision to leave Think Food Group was a difficult one. We spent 3 1/2 years together doing amazing and fulfilling work feeding people's bodies and spirits. I have always had the utmost respect for the integrity with which Jose runs his company.

But I wanted a more hands on management position within the industry. So when former minibar chef, Ryan Moore said R.J. was opening a new restaurant and they wanted me to be a part of it I jumped at the chance. The move to Rogue 24 was about economics and professional opportunity. Ultimately, the opportunity wasn't the right fit for me".

Beard says she's still looking for the "next best opportunity" and has mostly been kicking around DC — you might see her hanging out with her old Think Food Group friends at Oyamel, drinking a Ruben Garcia.

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