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A Market Planned For Ballpark; DC Chili Bowl to H Street

NAVY YARD—For all the baseball fans out there, JDLand has some details about "a combination food, market and events space" called the Fairgrounds that'll be taking over the Bullpen space outside of Nationals Park. The space will use salvaged shipping containers and feature food truck versions of Bayou and Surfside, plus a bar. Plus they'll still be hosting Truckeroo there in the summer. The proposal passed through the ANC and the plan is to get the new digs situated by the beginning of baseball season. [JDLand via PoP]

ATLAS DISTRICT—A former Ben's Chili Bowl employee by the name of Anthony Ulysses Holmon has announced plans to open a spot named D.C. Chili Bowl on H Street — you know, the same site where Ben's is planning a new location. According to WTOP, there will be some differences between this restaurant and Ben's — they'll serve fried onions, sauerkraut and cornbread, plus turkey chili and turkey sauce. [WTOP via WCP]

SAUSAGE WIRE—Continuing on with their Tube Meat Week, DCist talks to Jamie Stachowski about his charcuterie business that currently sells at local farmers markets, supplies several area restaurants and has begun work on a brick-and-mortar in Georgetown. [DCist]

Surfside Truck [Photo: Surfside]

Ben's Chili Bowl

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