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Tortilla Coast's Happy Hour; Bar Rescue to Revamp Piratz

LOGAN CIRCLE—Now that it's all up-and-running in Logan Circle, Tortilla Coast has announced the launch of its happy hour today. As in, already happening right this second. Between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. weeknights, they've got a happy hour menu of margs, sangria, draft beers and more. [EaterWire]

SILVER SPRING—The Washington Business Journal reports that Piratz Tavern is an upcoming victim subject of Spike TV's Bar Rescue. Filming is underway this week as they revamp the pirate-themed bar. [WBJ]

DOWNTOWN—In other happy hour news, the Washingtonian reports that Vidalia is revamping its happy hour to have a more interactive flair. They've installed burners behind the bar upon which chefs will cook up the bar snacks. Though current happy hour deals will remain, they're adding a few new menu items like pickled trotters, deviled crab salad, pork confit and more. The new happy hour launches next week. [The Washingtonian]

GIMMICKS—Have you always wanted a Ben's Chili Bowl t-shirt? Good, now go buy a "vintage" one at Bloomingdale's for $28. The City Paper informs us all that these shirts will eventually be available at Urban Outfitters, too. [WCP]

DINING & DESIGNING—The Going Out Gurus are hosting the design team from Edit on their chat tomorrow and, by means of introduction, asked them to share a bit about some of their past and current projects. There's some good intel about what to expect from Chez Billy and Daikaya — the latter for which they're "looking to Tokyo for inspiration." [WaPo]

Piratz Tavern [Photo: Facebook]


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