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Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow and José Andrés Cook Together

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Photo: GOOP

You know how sometimes you're just hanging out at home in London and José Andrés emails you offering to make dinner and it's so freaking awesome? Gwyneth Paltrow knows. In the latest edition of her newsletter GOOP, Paltrow recounts an evening spent with the Spanish chef, beginning with this totally relatable intro:

"So, one Sunday night I was sitting around at home when I got an email from my friend, the magnificent chef, José Andrés he was in London and in the mood to cook. After I scraped myself off of the floor and screamed "YES", José came over and we were witness to (and assistants to) one of the best meals ever. So freaking awesome."

Andrés shows up to Paltrow's home armed with produce from Harrod's and together they make dishes like potatoes covered in creme fraiche and caviar, burrata topped with a seta cream sauce, and grilled cheese sandwiches made with mozzarella and preserved black truffles on brioche. Andrés also whips up some paella because of course the woman with a wood-burning pizza oven in her garden has a paella pan on hand.

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