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Hot Chefs Round 1: Karoum, Goldian, Reed, Bennett

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Alison Reed photo: TheListAreYouOnIt

HOTTESTCHEF_FIRE_188.jpgVoting continues today in Eater's annual Hottest Chef Competition with another panel of sexy chefs. Today we've got Proof/Estadio chef Haidar Karoum up against pastry chefs Courtney Goldian of Founding Farmers and Alison Reed of Ripple. Lyon Hall chef Andy Bennett rounds it all out for a tough match sure to come.

As for yesterday's match, the Toki Underground people and their supporters put up a good fight for chef Erik Bruner-Yang, but ultimately it was the Eatwell restaurant group's Billy McCormick who came away with a blowout win. Congrats! And now, seriously people, let's vote.

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