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Voting Begins Today for F&W's Best New Pastry Chef

Last month, news spread that Food & Wine was adding a new facet to their annual hunt for the best up and coming talent in the restaurant industry: a people's choice award for the best new pastry chef. Like the original Best New Chefs program, this addition will feature a group of editor-chosen chefs from across the country (between five and 10) and one pastry chef chosen by readers. To be nominated, a chef has to have been in charge of a kitchen for five years or less.

Here are the local nominees, with Baltimore included because, hey, he's still a favorite here in DC:

· Cicely Austin, The Oval Room
· Chris Ford, Wit & Wisdom (Baltimore)

Voting begins today and ends on the 14th, and the winners will be announced in May, two months before the announcement of the regular-edition Best New Chefs. Restaurateurs, it's time to rev up that Twitter campaign.
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