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Ripple to Open Sugar Magnolia Market in Cleveland Park

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When word leaked last month that Ripple had a retail shop in the works, the Cleveland Park restaurant played coy, saying merely that it would have sandwiches and some mysterious specialty food item that was definitely not cupcakes. Well, today comes the announcement: Ripple will open a gourmet market named Sugar Magnolia on March 22, serving sandwiches, pâtés, salads, baked goods and more. And what's the signature item? Ice cream sandwiches that come in six different flavors — say, waffle cookie with maple bacon ice cream — courtesy of Ripple's new pastry chef Alison Reed.

As those familiar with Ripple would expect, ingredients from the dairy products to the bacon will be locally sourced. Sugar Magnolia will have a variety of terrines, sandwiches such as porchetta with braised mustard greens, liver parfait, pickled turnips — and, please note, it will sell Ripple's bacon-roasted pecans. The market will be open daily from 11 to 8 in the storefront in front of Ripple. Here's a sample menu, per a press release:

Sample Menu Items

All-Natural Ice Cream Sandwiches $3 - 5
Waffle Cookie with Maple Bacon Ice Cream
Ripple Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Malt Ice Cream
Chocolate Cookie with Coffee Coconut Ice Cream
Peanut Butter Cookie with Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream

House Made Baked Goods $1 - 5
Cookies – including Ripple’s Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookies

Artisanal Sandwiches $6 - 11
Hand-sliced prosciutto and cheese
Porchetta with braised mustard greens, liver parfait, pickled turnips
Smoked Mackerel with caper mayonnaise, kale, potatoes, lemon juice
Cold cuts with La Quercia prosciutto, Olli hot coppa, country pate, house made
mustard, arugula, ricotta, green sauce
Veggies with black eyed pea hummus, yogurt-rutabaga slaw, gouda, pea
shoots, sorrel, spicy greens

Salads and Savory Snacks $3 - 8
Potato salad, aioli, tarragon, almonds
Bacon-roasted pecans
Ripple's flatbread crackers
Various terrines, rillettes and pâtés

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Sugar Magnolia

3417 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20009 202 244 7995


3417 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008 202 244 7995 Visit Website