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Bistro Bohem, Cava Grill Tysons Corner Both Open

1) Shaw: Following a short soft opening period, Shaw's new Eastern European restaurant Bistro Bohem quietly opened to the public last night. Situated on the corner of 6th and Florida — across the street from Shaw's Tavern — Bistro Bohem is a cozy space with plans to expand next door. The menu boasts things like pierogies, goulash and a housemade pate. There are several beers on tap, including Czechvar, and a handful of cocktails including a "bohemian margarita" that is made with mead rather than tequila. Status: Certified open. 600 Florida Avenue NW; website

2) Tysons Corner: The folks behind Cava sent word yesterday evening that today is the big day for the Tysons Corner location of their fast-casual Cava Grill. As is true at their Bethesda location, Cava Grill offers customizable pitas, bowls and salads with toppings such as lamb, falafel, tzatziki sauce, their Crazy Feta and more. Status: Opens today at 11 a.m. 1961 Chain Bridge Road, Tysons Corner; website

Cava Grill [Photo: Streetsense]

Bistro Bohem

600 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC