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Watch Derek Brown Make a Cocktail With a Chainsaw

Okay, here's the latest in the series of "manly" videos that Georgetown menswear boutique Lost Boys has produced featuring local food personalities such as Bryan Voltaggio. This time up: Derek Brown of the Columbia Room teaching Lost Boys owner Kelly Muccio how to make a cocktail that is sufficiently manly. Which is basically just Scotch on the rocks. Quote Muccio: "It's strong, it's manly and it doesn't apologize the morning after." Yikes.

And so now what really makes the drink manly? Well, the use of a chainsaw should do it. Brown notes that this is kind of par for the course for him at the Columbia Room, although "nobody is not excited when I pull out the chainsaw." Understandably. Once he's done with the ice, Brown just pours in some Japanese single-malt whiskey and the drink is good to go. Here's the video.

Video: DRINK Like a Man- How To Make The Manliest Cocktail

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