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Start-Up Bakery Signs Lease in Bloomingdale; Jaleo 2.0 Opens

Welcome to the Plywood Report, where we fill you in on what's coming up in food. See anything happening in your neighborhood? Let us know.

1) Bloomingdale: Operators of made-to-order bakery Grassroots Gourmet tweeted last week that they signed a lease for a neighborhood kitchen and storefront. Owner Sara Fatell told Eater last week that Bloomingdale is both her and business partner Jamilyah Smith-Kanze's "happy playground." [PLYWOOD]

2) West End: The 46th Potbelly Sandwich Shop in the Washington, D.C.-area is set to make the West End area its home later this spring. [PLYWOOD]

3) Penn Quarter: Eater learned last week that the José Andrés' tapas restaurant is set to re-open this week after a month-long renovation. [POST-PLYWOOD]

4) West End:Last week, Eater toured Ashok Bajaj's chic Rasika West End. Then last night, it soft-opened showcasing its culinary expectations. The Washington Post checked out the newest addition to the neighborhood.[POST-PLYWOOD]

Rasika West End Dining Room [Photo: R. Lopez]


480 7th Street Northwest, , DC 20004 (202) 628-7949 Visit Website

Rasika West End

1190 New Hampshire Avenue Northwest, , DC 20037 (202) 466-2500 Visit Website