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Rookie Roosts Week: Buying a House For First Timers

The news you want to hear about the place you live from Curbed DC...

Behold the smallest houses for sale in DC. We have the details about each one over on Curbed.

CURBED—We had a poll going that asked for people to vote on the worst first time buyer experience from the four reader submissions we published. Click over if you want to relive the terror.

DMV—We used a local real estate search engine that lets you filter searches by school district so we could find a few houses in neighborhoods with schools that parents desperately want their kids to get into.

DC—It wouldn't be a starter home week without a look at the smallest houses for sale in the District. Get your magnifying glasses and check out some hobbit-sized homes.

DMV—Each week we look at an Under 300K house and the least expensive properties in a specific neighborhood and so far this year we've looked at one hundred houses. We tallied up how many are left on the market or had a price drop to give you a taste of the entry-level market.

CURBED—We spent our Power Hour looking at the godawful experience that is moving. Click over for some funny stories, helpful tips, excuses for getting out of helping your friends move, and a link to a David Sedaris podcast when he describes his years working as a mover in NYC.

EVERYWHERE—Real estate contracts say a house must be left in 'broom clean' condition when the sellers leave. That leaves a lot up for interpretation, and we have some real life examples of what some people thought was 'broom clean' when it really wasn't.

GEORGETOWN—This week we choice to look at the least expensive properties in Georgetown just to give ourselves a reality check about how high the market can go.