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Lost Society's Champagne Brunch Party; DC Beer Hunt

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U STREET—Sure, brunch is fine and all, but what about brunch with house music, "surprise entertainment," bottle service and $40 bottomless mimosas to accompany your buffet breakfast? Lost Society is teaming up with nightlife gurus Midnight Group for a weekly Saturday brunch party beginning this weekend. It'll be held on the rooftop and reservations can be made by text message at 202-737-3783. [EaterWire]

BOOZE NEWS—DCist reports that the DC Beer Hunt is back this year. On April 27 and 28, there will be 19 bars around town that will be offering special beers. The catch is you have to figure out what the beer is based on clues the bar gives you. Then you go to all the other bars. You should also wear costumes, duh. [DCist]

DUPONT CIRCLE—A rep sends word that New Orleans Po Boy Shop is now scheduled to open in mid-May. As has been noted, the restaurant will serve things like gulf shrimp, crispy fried calamari, house smoked ham and swiss, house roast beef, fried cornmeal crusted oysters, and more. It'll be open 7 am to 7pm on weekdays. [EaterWire]

Lost Society's roof [Photo: Facebook]

Lost Society

2001 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 202 618 8868