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Here Are a Few Potential Plans For the Capital City Diner

Hey, have you been wondering what is going to become of the Capital City Diner now that is has shuttered, been put up for sale on eBay and is on the verge of a sale? Of course you have. And this morning, Prince of Petworth floated a rumor from a Craigslist ad seeking employees to staff a recently purchased "classic silver diner car" serving "classic diner fare, with Asian fusion." Also: Kosher-style Jewish deli sandwiches."

Meanwhile, the Capital City Diner's owner Matt Ashburn tells DCist that the rumor is premature. Also, he has started an excellent Twitter hashtag, #dinerrumors, to make fun of this whole thing — or perhaps to throw everyone off the scent of an Asian-fusion Kosher-style deli sandwich diner? Please enjoy the gallery above to get an idea of what might become of the ill-fated diner. And please see below a screenshot of the original Craigslist ad, which has since been removed.


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