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Late-Night Eats

In a case of bad timing, a Post piece about late-night dining in DC was published just as The Hamilton and Black & Orange scaled back their hours. Still, the piece is well worth a read for its scenes from Black & Orange: "A red-faced woman complained that she never got her hamburger, only to realize that she had already eaten it. A man danced and debated who the world’s greatest boxer is with no one in particular. Between midnight and 5 a.m., 201 transactions were made. The staff cleaned until 6:37 a.m. This is what success looks like." [WaPo]

The Hamilton

600 14th Street Northwest, , DC 20005 (202) 787-1000 Visit Website

Black & Orange

1300 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036-1746 202 296 2242