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Bad Photoshops of Famous People Eating Jumbo Slice

Pathetic Photoshop work [Amy McKeever/]

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Pizza Week's official Jumbo Slice Power Hour. Starting right this second and continuing on until 4 p.m., we're going to have wall-to-wall coverage on that little culinary wonder known as the jumbo slice. Whether you love it or hate it, jumbo slice has been around longer than most Washingtonians have lived here, getting people back on their feet after a long night of binge drinking in Adams Morgan.

We're going to be talking with chefs and restaurateurs about their funny jumbo slice stories and also a little more seriously about the role of the jumbo slice in our growing food scene. That's all coming up in the next hour. But first, please enjoy these unnecessarily terrible Photoshopped images of famous people eating jumbo slice.

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