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La Forchetta's Three Crazy Pizza Week Specials

As part of Eater's first ever Pizza Week, chefs at six major Washington, DC restaurants agreed to make a special limited edition pie, served just this week. Every day we'll highlight a new one. On deck today: Three crazy pizzas from La Forchetta.

[Photos: Roberto Donna/La Forchetta]

From his perch in the kitchen at the newly opened La Forchetta, chef Roberto Donna decided to go all in for this week's Pizza Week specials, creating not one but three options available for the entire week. And to really make it exciting, he went for what he dubs "crazy" combinations. So he went for a seafood black and white pizza ($16.95) — with squid ink, buffalo mozzarella, cuttle fish, clams and shrimp — that the chef explains, "could be a dish on its own."

His second offering is a soft shell crab pizza with tomato, basil, garlic, buffalo mozzarella and spring onions ($16.95) that Donna says he invented 20 years ago with fellow chef Jeff Buben at Il Radicchio while they were drinking and talking about soft shell crab. Finally, the morel mushroom pizza topped with lobster chunks, pesto, ramps, and fior di latte cheese ($19.95) is all about seasonality. Writes Donna, "Viva la primavera!!!"
Want a taste? All these options are available all week long at La Forchetta. And stay tuned to get a peek at the rest of our limited edition pies from both Rustico locations.

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