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Inside The Pig, Opening This Week in Logan Circle

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Later this week, The Pig will open its doors on 14th Street with a pork-centric menu, three wines on tap — and a look that's aiming for "timeless" rather than "trendiness," per EatWell DC owner David Winer. While the menu might focus on pigs and Roald Dahl's grisly poem The Pig adorns the entrance to the restaurant, as promised, there are not a whole lot of pigs used as decor at The Pig save for the decoupage bathroom featuring weathered newsprint photos of pigs plus Little Miss Piggy and Porky the Pig cartoons.

But the main dining room has a lot of the timeless and rustic touches that actually are quite trendy these days. There's plenty of reclaimed wood, subway tile, factory lights, a copper window at the entrance and bistro napkins. But Winer also explains the artwork — large canvas prints — originate from actual coin-sized wine stamps from the 1910s, 1930s and 1940s that a Brooklyn company enlarged and mounted specifically for The Pig.

Meanwhile, as we've known all along, the menu focus at The Pig will of course be its pork dishes and charcuterie. Chef Garret Fleming toured Sicily prior to writing the menu to learn more about Italian charcuterie, and Winer estimates that the restaurant will use between seven and 10 pigs per week. And that is nose-to-tail, of course, as he says, "nothing goes in the garbage" except for the bones once they've been used for stock. In addition to the regular menu — which, yes, does have vegetarian and non-pork options — The Pig will have a rotating charcuterie board from which you can order everything on one really gigantic charcuterie platter that is intended to evoke the feel of an enormous seafood tower one might find at a French bistro.

As for the bar program, yes, they'll have one red and two white wines on a draft line, plus all American craft beers on draft in addition to bottles of beer. The spirits focus is on bourbon and Winer says they're making their own mixers, bitters and juices.

The Pig is still hosting training and soft opening dinners this week, but is expected to open to the public on Thursday at 5 p.m. They'll serve dinner seven nights a week and eventually launch a Saturday and Sunday brunch. Somewhere down the line, too, you can expect to see lunch pop up here — and perhaps some sidewalk seating in the fall.

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The Pig

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