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Mother Trucker Heading to the Capitol Skyline; Yes, the Testicle Festival Returns This Weekend

FOOD TRUCKS—Want to get drunk poolside with more than 20 food trucks within reach for when you get the munchies? Perhaps also with waterslides, DJs and some suspension aerial artists in the mix? Trucks are converging on the Capitol Skyline Hotel's pool on Saturday at 11 a.m. for the kickoff in their Mother Trucker series. These parties will continue every couple of weeks for the rest of the summer. Admission is $15. [EaterWire]

ARLINGTON—The Testicle Festival returns! The Montana State Society hosts its eighth annual food festival devoted to the bull testicle — more palatably referred to as "Rocky Mountain Oysters" — on Saturday evening. Tickets are $25 and include all-you-can-eat testes plus all-you-can-drink beer and Crown Royal, which you're probably going to need. [EaterWire]

OBAMARAMA—For those still wondering exactly how the Taylor Gourmet guys got hooked up with a visit from the President of the United States and invited to join a small business roundtable, the City Paper learns from owner David Mazza that a friend in the Small Business Administration set it up. [WCP]

[Photo: Mother Trucker]

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