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The Early Word on Hot Brookland Newcomer Menomalé

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Menomalé [Photo: <a href="">Yelp</a>] <p><strong>Menomalé</strong> is not even technically open yet, but the early reports are already streaming in. After <a href="ht
Menomalé [Photo: Yelp]

Menomalé is not even technically open yet, but the early reports are already streaming in. After

Menomalé [Photo: Yelp]

Menomalé is not even technically open yet, but the early reports are already streaming in. After soft-opening two weeks ago, the Brookland pizzeria closed this week to retool in advance of its grand opening. Well, it opens back up again tonight at 5 p.m., so it's time to decide whether or not you want to make it a priority stop over the weekend. And, judging from the responses from the early diners, you should probably start clearing those schedules. Here's the early word on this Neapolitan-style pizzeria with a highly touted beer selection.

The Impressive Credentials News: Thrillist explains the facts behind Menomalé: "From a certificate-holding member of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana & a San Fran beer guru, quaint, dual-roomed Meno serves pies amidst a log bar, antique Italian artifacts, and a 6000lb wood-burning pizza oven shipped from Naples, so you know it's first class. [Thrillist]

The 2 Amys comparison News: Not a single pizzeria review is complete without a comparison to 2 Amys such as this one on Yelp: "And the pizza is great. I don't think it's up there with 2Amy's, I just like my crust a little crispier than their oven is getting it. I'll second what a couple other commenters have said that the temperature in the oven is probably a few degrees lower than it needs to be to get what I think of as Neapolitan pizza. But it might just be working out the kinks. [Yelp]

The Rave: Then, of course, there's a whole different Yelp take on the 2 Amys comparison: "THE. BEST. DAMN. PIZZA. PERIOD. I live in Brookland and am a serious pizza aficionado. Until Menomale, I believed that best pizza in DC was 2Amy's. I would drive clear across town at least one a week for my pizza fix. But now, there is Menomale. For real, this is damn good pizza - of 2Amy proportions. Damn, damn, damn good pizza. [Yelp]

The Great News: Scoutmob is really impressed by things like having an actual pizzaiolo: "The pizzaïolo's name is Ettore and he's the real deal. Having grown up and mastered his skills in Naples, Menomalé displays a certificate from the ‘Associazione Vera Pizza Napolteana’ (an official arm of the Italian government that gives special designation to select pizzerias that meet strict requirements with respect to the tradition of ‘the art of Neapolitan pizza making’). Literally, this pizza is official." [Scoutmob]

The Bad News: But with all good Yelp news comes some bad: "I would like to preface this with the quality of their ingredients is exceptional. However, one can have all the quality ingredients in the world and if they're prepared poorly then it's a poor product. The pizza is wood-fired, but the oven was way too cool, so the pizza wasn't leoparded or had that distinct crisp skin on the crust--SOGGY." [Yelp]

The Oh Thank God Finally News: Neighbors have really been waiting a long time for Menomalé, especially this Yelper: "I've been waiting for 40 years for decent pizza to come to Brookland, and we couldn't have asked for anything better than Menomale. The pizza is authentic and absolutely amazing. Sandwiches are great too. The owners are warm and accommodating and the servers are great. It's going to be hard not to eat here every day." [Yelp]

The Good News: A Don Rockwell commenter is glad to have Menomalé, but also offers some constructive criticism: "They definitely have some growing pains to work out in terms of servers (ours didn't know the menu very well and had trouble taking our order) and payment (they run your credit card on an iPhone app that needs your zip code, a finger signature on the screen, and doesn't allow for tip), but the food would indicate that they are on there way to being a great little neighborhood joint. Leland and Ettore have put together something great for Brookland, and I couldn't be happier to have a place like this within 2 blocks of my house!" [Don Rockwell]

The Good Neighbor News: The City Paper picks up on a comment on the Brookland neighborhood email list on Menomalé: "Just got back from Brookland's new pizza place, and we thought it was FABULOUS! The pizza is authentic Italian i.e., very thin crust, superior cheese and great toppings. The beer Leland recommended was excellent, too. I'll be one of their regulars, I'm sure." [WCP]


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