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Virtue Feed & Grain Wales Alley Case Still Unresolved

As owner Meshelle Armstrong explained in last week's edition of One Year In, Virtue Feed & Grain opened last year with the intent to host big block parties in the alley next to the restaurant, but has been blocked from doing so due to a court case that has been taking pretty much forever to resolve. And surprise! It remains unresolved after the Virginia Supreme Court ruled on Friday to send the case back to the Alexandria Circuit Court, according to The Connection.

If you'll recall, the legal battle is actually between the City of Alexandria and the Old Dominion Boat Club over the Boat Club's claim to the property — which would keep Virtue from holding its alley parties. Eater reached out to a rep, who said the restaurant is, "still reviewing the ruling and its implications for us, and we can't really comment officially yet. Our goal is to be a good neighbor to all of the Alexandria community and we value their support."

That said, the rep notes that the City of Alexandria has approved Virtue Feed & Grain to shut down the alley for the first time since the legal battles began. They'll be hosting a big ol' barbecue on July 7 to complement the city's annual fireworks display on the waterfront. There will be ribs, y'all.

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Virtue Feed & Grain

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