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Michael Landrum Drops Plans for Ryse at City Vista

The past year and a half has seen plenty of speculation about the fate of Michael Landrum's slow-going Ryse at the City Vista complex in Mount Vernon Triangle — plus word of a lawsuit over construction issues at that location and two other spots in the Landrum restaurant empire. The Triangle heard rumors last month that Landrum "was deemed in breach of contract" for the slow build-out of the space.

Though that last bit is unconfirmed, the restaurateur tells Todd Kliman in his weekly online chat today that, indeed, Ryse is no longer in the works. By way of explanation, Landrum writes, "Unfortunately, I did not prove to be adequate to the task at this time and the landlord has reclaimed the space."

But, he says, the space is pretty much all built-out for whoever swoops in to take over the space — which The Triangle had speculated might just be Sweetgreen. When reached by telephone, Sweetgreen's Nic Jammet said he could not confirm the rumor at this time. So we'll see.

· Kliman Online [The Washingtonian]
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Ryse [Photo: Amy McKeever/]


1065 5th Street, NW, Washington, DC

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