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DC's Secret Gardens; New Most Expensive House; More!

All the latest news about where you live from Curbed DC...
McLean is now home to the priciest listing in the area

MCLEAN—DC held the title of most expensive house on the market for a few months, but now NoVa has wrestled it back over to their side of the Potomac. The new market topper is a $17.9M waterfront McMansion.

GREAT FALLS—There's was some smack talk between neighbors who didn't want a really huge house built next to some medium huge houses, but now the dust has settled and they've decided not to build the house.

POTOMAC—Earlier this week Eater let you know about Sugo Cicchetti opening, but we got a look inside the new upscale Italian joint. The pizza oven was built by hand by one of the owners.

CAMBRIDGE—There's a waterfront mansion that can't find a buyer and so the price has been lowered to less than the construction cost. It is now $1.089M.

CURBED DC—Because it was May Day we put together a map of six DC gardens that most people don't know about. All the ones listed have no entrance fee.

CURBED DC—Hey, did you hear? We have a weekly round up of what's going on in DC's retail scene. This weeks news about J. Crew, H&M, Alton Lane and a few other openings are covered.

HAYMARKET—A house that looks like the White House from the outside is in foreclosure and has recently had a price chop under the million dollar mark.

ANACOSTIA—This week we looked at the least expensive properties and a few good rentals in a part of the city that no one really talks about.