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Pizzeria Orso's Big Lebowski-Inspired 'Da Dude' Pizza

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As part of Eater's first ever Pizza Week, chefs at six major Washington, DC restaurants agreed to make a special limited edition pie, served just this week. Every day we'll highlight a new one. On deck today: Da Dude from Pizzeria Orso.

[R. Lopez]

Over at his new gig at Pizzeria Orso, chef Will Artley offers an Eater special named Da Dude, which comes topped with smoked ewes blue cheese, ramps, mozzarella and olli speck. Artley explains that the pizza gets its name from The Big Lebowski — of course — and the toppings are meant to showcase the olli speck: "I don't put it on hot. I finish the pizza with it, so it's not cooked. It just gets the fat to form up and soften up and you cut it really thin and it has this smoky flavor to it. That combined with blue cheese and ramps, which are that garlicky, oniony... It's a powerful pizza. This thing is wicked. And it's memorable."

Want a taste? The pizza is available at lunch and dinner for $14 all week long. Even better, Artley says he's going to be giving away three to four pies for free each night. And stay tuned to get a peek at the rest of our limited edition pies from Graffiato, Urbana, La Forchetta and both Rustico locations.

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Pizzeria Orso

400 South Maple Avenue, , VA 22046 (703) 226-3460 Visit Website

Pizzeria Orso

400 South Maple Avenue, Falls Church, VA

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