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Breaking Down Graffiato's Pizza By the Numbers

[R. Lopez]

Mike Isabella opened Graffiato in Chinatown nearly a year ago now and the Jersey-Italian restaurant sells about 200 pizzas a day. In the spirit of our Five Guys breakdown from last year's Burger Week, Eater got the stats from Graffiato in terms of just how much they're using of each pizza ingredient per week. So if you've been curious how many of those farmed soft eggs they use per week for the Countryman pizza or how many pounds of calamari go toward the Jersey Shore pizza each week, today's your lucky day. Numbers are revealed in the gallery above or after the jump — with a few extra not-pictured stats included there.

Dough balls: 300 per day
Farmed eggs: 200 per week (for the Countryman pizza)
Meat for meatballs: 60 lbs per week (used on Good Fellas pizza)
Flour: 50-75 lbs per day
Calamari: 100 lbs per week (for Jersey Shore pizza)
Cherry tomatoes: 16 cases per week
Mozzarella: 90 lbs per week
Feta: 10 lbs per week
Fontina: 10 lbs per week
Gorgonzola: 6 lbs per week
Tallegio: 10 lbs per week
Peppers: 5 cases per week
Sopressata: 6 lbs per week
Pepperoni: 20 lbs per week
Sausage: 30 lbs per week
Black pepper honey: 1 gallon per week

Extra stats

Cherry pepper aioli: 4 gallons per week (for Jersey Shore pizza)
Provolone: 10 lbs per week each
Stracciatella: 45 lbs per week
Eggplant: 2 cases per week
Olives: 5 cases per week

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