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Sure, Enjoy Some Sumo Wrestling Before Yo! Sushi Opens

Conveyor-belt sushi chain Yo! Sushi is coming to the United States for the very first time with a location planned at Union Station — and another cropping up in Chinatown shortly thereafter. So how to celebrate? Well, just with your standard Japanese gimmickry: sumo wrestling matches, Harajuku girls, you know, that sort of thing.

LivingSocial went live with a deal this morning for a sumo wrestling demo next weekend at their 918 F Street space, featuring three courses from Yo! Sushi with sake pairings for $39. Yes, this is intended to celebrate Yo! Sushi's opening — though a rep tells Eater that the construction crews at Union Station have yet to turn the space over to the restaurant, so it's looking like Yo! Sushi won't debut until late July.

And when it does, the gimmickry will continue. Apparently they've already hired a group of Harajuku girls for whenever the opening day comes. All this is apparently pretty standard gimmickry for the UK chain, if this photo from their Facebook page is any indication. So stay tuned?

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Some "sumo wrestlers" Yo! Sushi recently hired in London [Photo: Facebook]

918 F Street

918 F St, NW, Washington, DC