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St. Arnold's Switcheroo; José Andrés' Custom Blue Cheese

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CLEVELAND PARK—The Post brings word that the recently opened Underground at St. Arnold's is about to undergo a little switcheroo from a London theme to a Belgium theme. By mid-August, the space will be renamed St. Arnold’s the Abbey, serving the moules-frites of its sister restaurant upstairs. [WaPo]

JOSE ANDRES WIRERoll Call met cheesemonger Pascual Cabaño at the Fancy Food Show and learns that he has created a custom blue cheese for none other than José Andrés. The cheese will reportedly be called "Astur Blue by José Andrés." [Roll Call]

COMING ATTRACTIONS—The burger fiends over at Burger Days took a trip to Connecticut and learned that New England's Plan B Burger Bar has designs on DC for an expansion. There's no location yet, but Burger Days has all the food porn to carry you through until it's a reality. [BD]

The London Underground [Photo: Official Site]

Underground at St. Arnold's

3433 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC