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Updates on Del Frisco's Grille, New Orleans Po’ Boy Shop

Welcome to the Plywood Report, where we fill you in on what's coming up in food. See anything happening in your neighborhood? Send us a note at

del-friscos-grille-nyc-250.jpg1) Metro Center: Del Frisco's Grille has announced an opening date for the chain's first-ever DC location on Pennsylvania Avenue: July 14 will be the date. Apparently they're going to be making good use of the huge patio space that once belonged to Les Halles, and will be serving both lunch and dinner. [PLYWOOD]

2) Dupont Circle: The Washingtonian has a crucial update on the New Orleans Po’ Boy Shop, which is now hoping to open "around the first week of July." There's no actual date yet, but the team reportedly has its breakfast menu at the ready. [PLYWOOD]

3) Atlas District: Prince of Petworth reports that the space that very briefly was home to HR-57 is now going to be a place named Fever Bar and Lounge with a small Southern menu of things l"such as chicken wings, greens, mac and cheese." [PLYWOOD]

4) McPherson Square: The City Paper hears that Pret a Manger has a new space in the works for the McPherson Square area, aiming to open in late summer on New York Avenue. [PLYWOOD]

5) U Street: PoP also has it that VeraCruz Art Gallery and Bar is moving in above Duffy's. Beyond serving as an art gallery, it's going to have "a food program influenced by the diversity of Latin America," booze and live entertainment. [PLYWOOD]

Del Frisco's Grille, NYC [Photo: Official Site]

Del Frisco's Grille

1201 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC