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Sweetgreen's Jumping Into the Cold-Pressed Juice Game

Photo: Sweetgreen

Right on trend per usual, Sweetgreen is rolling out a new line of organic cold-pressed juices named Sweetpress. Apparently not satisfied with merely opening new stores all over the place and hosting music festivals, the local salad-and-froyo chain decided about nine months ago to get into the cold-pressed juice game. And now here it is.

Juices, of course, are kind of a thing right now — even Starbucks opened its first Evolution Fresh juice bar in Washington State a few months back — and a rep for the company acknowledges that they're definitely riding the wave of the fad, but aim to set themselves apart from the liquid cleanse diet fad by offering something a little healthier. To that effect, they've got more buzzwords, such as "organic" and "locally sourced" and an emphasis on being a "juice to balance your daily rhythm."

Sweetpress will be available in six flavors — and, yes, of course one of those flavors will change seasonally, beginning with a watermelon, coconut water, mint and lime combo for summer. The other flavors are all designed for a purpose: to Purify, Energize, Satisfy, Detox and Hydrate. They're available in 12-ounce bottles for $6 and $7 for the Purify variety with its fancy kale, spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger combination.

The juices will first be available at the Logan Circle Sweetgreen location starting on Monday, June 25, and will roll out to all locations shortly thereafter. You'll also be able to order them online and it sounds like the hope is to eventually sell Sweetpress in grocery stores, so watch out world.

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