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Passion Food to Unleash the Fuego on Clarendon

When Market Tavern closed back in May, word was that "local, well-established restaurateurs" had already bought the prime Clarendon space. That turns out to be exactly the case: Northern Virginia Magazine's Stefanie Gans has the scoop today that Passion Food Hospitality is taking over the space and putting in a Mexican restaurant named Fuego Cocina and Tequileria.

Yes, the group behind the likes of DC Coast, PassionFish and the newer District Commons is going for another Virginia venture and apparently are adamant that it will not be your usual Tex-Mex restaurant. According to Gans, "there will never be burritos on the menu" and the kitchen will be headed by Mexico native Alfredo Solis of District Commons. There's no other detail on what this "authentic" Mexican menu might look like — sounds like it's still in early stages of planning, but as always, stay tuned.

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Fuego Cocina and Tequileria

2800 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA