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Inside Gaslight Square; McLean's $11 Million Manse; The Oldest House In DC Is For Sale; Affordable In AdMo

All the latest nabe and real estate news from Curbed DC...
The architect who designed National Airport also designed this Alexandria contemporary

ALEXANDRIA—Contemporary glory is alive and well in Alexandria. Walls of windows overlooking seas of green grass are all here in a house designed by the same man who designed National Airport (Charles Goodman, fyi). The house is for sale for $1.75M.

CLARENDON—Gaslight Square—the luxury apartment buildings that come with private elevators and outdoor space for each unit had their first open house last weekend and we took pictures of three different units.

DC—If you follow housing trends you might be interested in these thoughts about the four ways the next foreclosure wave is going to be different from the last one. Or, if you prefer the other end of the spectrum, we compiled the top five housing sales for the past week.

TRINIDAD—Want an affordable condo in Trinidad that is in great condition? Here you go.

RACKED DC—This week we learned that C. Wonder (concept by Tory Burch's ex) is coming to Tysons, a Real Housewife is auctioning her unusual choice for a wedding dress, and more fashion news.

CLEVELAND PARK—The architect Winthrop Faulker designed the Zoo's Great Ape house and the crocodile pavilion as well as six houses in this neighborhood. This contemporary one is the one he lived in with his family.

MCLEAN—If you want to live on the same street as Colin Powell and you have $11.5M to spend, here's the perfect house for you.

CLEVELAND PARK—The oldest house in DC is also where Elian Gonzalez stayed when he was in DC with his family while they waited to hear if the Supreme Court would hear their case. It also happens to be for sale.

GEORGETOWN—Earlier this week Mitt Romney held a $50K per person fundraiser in this waterfront building. We don't know what it looks like inside that penthouse, but here's another unit in the building that is on the market.

ADAMS MORGAN—This week we found the ten least expensive homes in or near AdMo and four places to rent for less than $1,500.

ADAMS MORGAN—We also found a Craiglist listing for a "room" that was actually the closet area of a studio someone was trying to rent for $500/month. The owner of the listing asked us to take the pictures down, but we still have her description of the space and how she will have to "cross your area" so she can get to the bathroom.