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Barack Obama's Taylor Gourmet Visit in Infographic Form

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Hey, remember that time Barack Obama went to Taylor Gourmet to pick up some hoagies for John Boehner and have a roundtable with local small business owners such as Taylor's own Casey Patten and David Mazza? And remember how everyone went bananas over it? Well, now the folks from Taylor Gourmet send over a handy infographic by Jess3 depicting the effect that visit has had on the sandwich shop since that fateful hoagie run three weeks ago. As they explain, "Never before have we been able to capture the impact on a small business from a Presidential visit (digital/social/sales). We all know its huge...but how huge?"

Well, surprise! The Obama endorsement has meant a significant spike in Taylor Gourmet's reach on social media, plus a 25 percent increase in sales at the 14th Street location that Obama visited. And the visit itself went from trending in DC on Twitter to trending nationally within 15 minutes.

The Obama Hoagie:


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