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Chef de Cuisine Eddie Moran Parts Ways With Sou'Wester

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Chef de cuisine Eddie Moran has parted ways with Sou'Wester, just about a year and a half after arriving in DC to take the position. Food writer (and Ink Spotted contributor) Nevin Martell reported the news via Twitter this afternoon and Mandarin Oriental PR confirms to Eater that Moran left the restaurant about 10 days ago, having "decided to go in another direction."

It's not clear exactly what that direction might be, but for the time being the rep explains that executive chef Eric Ziebold is spending even more time in Sou'Wester's kitchen — in particular during the lunch shift when CityZen is not open. So silver lining in the loss is that maybe now is a particularly good time to go to Sou'Wester for lunch? They're still in the market for a replacement, so get on that one, chefs.

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