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Book Your Reservation with CityEats and Earn $20


Summer is a time for seafood and socializing. Indulge those warm weather cravings with the East-meets-West menu at Perry's, full of fresh sushi, substantial fish entrées, and of course, refreshing summer cocktails. Whether you’re seeking out a reservation at this lively go-to or already have one and want to know what to expect, you can access it all at CityEats.

Each top spot features galleries of food porn to help you get a feel for the food beforehand. You’ll also find lists and guides of the best restaurants that match what you’re looking for, complete with available tables in your time frame.

And if you make a reservation today through CityEats, you’ll receive $20. Just find your favorite restaurant and book using the promo code “Eater38.” Be sure to write a review after you dine to claim your prize.

Reservations without reservations. Book now and earn $20. >>