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Is Safeway One of DC's Most Valuable Restaurants?

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The City Paper has released its annual food issue, and this time around they're looking at Washington's 38 most valuable restaurants. Well, valuable to their writers, that is, as the paper acknowledges that, "In eating, as in life, value is what you decide it is."

So, of course, perennial list-makers such as Komi, 2Amys and Palena all make the cut. Plus there's the mom-and-pops like Great Wall and Ren's Ramen, and also the new hotness such as Little Serow and Standard. And then there's Safeway. Yes, the grocery store, which apparently is valuable for all your "late-night waffle cravings." Alex Baca explains:

"Don’t front. You’ve wanted waffles at 2 a.m., and you’ve been delusional enough to think that homemade waffles will be more gratifying than those served at IHOP or The Diner. But you probably don’t have the ingredients that you need. Until last August, dusk-till-dawn grocery-shopping options were severely limited ... Luckily, the Safeway in City Vista bridged the five-hour gap..."

Well, maybe that's as much an indictment on DC's late-night food scene as anything if a 24-hour Safeway is valued as a primary source for dining out in the wee hours. But still. Can we all agree that Safeway is not a restaurant?

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Safeway at City Vista [Photo: Tom V/Foursquare]


490 L Street NW, Washington, DC