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Marcel's ReceiptGate; Watch ChurchKey Rig Up 31 Kegs

WEST END—Marcel's has deleted the $32,800 check with a $10,000 tip it had posted to Facebook earlier this month. A rep tells the City Paper: "It is not the way Marcel's does business and that was a mistake to have placed it on-line. ... Marcel's does not ever want the guest to feel that his or her next dish or next glass of wine is the next tweet." Fortunately, Eater still has the image. [WCP, Previously]

CLEVELAND PARK—Today, the soft-opened "Spanish tapas-inspired" Pulpo tweeted this photo of their brand new signage out in Cleveland Park. [Twitter]

VIDEO INTERLUDE—After the jump, please enjoy the beginning of the weekend with the following video of the team at ChurchKey rigging up 31 kegs over the course of an hour ahead of this weekend's beer bonanza known as Savor. [YouTube via Twitter]

Video: Cigar City & Funky Buddha Delivery Hustle


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