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Inside Del Frisco's Grille, Complete With a Wall of Wine

[Photos: R. Lopez]

There's going to be plenty of boozing to be done when Del Frisco's Grille opens on Pennsylvania Avenue this Saturday. As the first concept that Dallas-based Del Frisco's Restaurant Group plans to debut in DC — their Double Eagle Steak House is slated for City Center DC — Del Frisco's Grille is as much a watering hole as a restaurant, boasting an indoor/outdoor bar, a wall of wine and shots on tap. But, of course, there's also a menu of American standards dressed up a little differently, such as the sashimi-grade tuna tacos.

Del Frisco's considers its bar as a separate entity from the dining room and, as such, it is decked out with bells and whistles. It is actually an island situated on the streetside next to tall accordian windows that open up to the patio. This means that theoretically half your party can sit outside while the other half is inside. They've also put four shots on tap, including the Honey Badger, composed of Tuaca and pineapple. Booze is displayed in hanging glass cases and obviously also a wall of wine.

Out on that patio, meanwhile, Del Frisco's has installed awnings with a mist system to keep diners ever so slightly moist cool while dining. And this particular slice of land offers a lot in the way of patio seating — 106 seats in total.

Finally, the menu at Del Frisco's offers those aforementioned ahi tuna tacos, cheesesteak eggrolls and lollipop chicken wings. But there are plenty of classics, such as crabcakes, steak, flatbreads, Caesar salad, fish, pasta, deviled eggs, and a double-patty burger topped with their secret "sloppy sauce." The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner on weekdays and dinner only on the weekends — brunch is still up for consideration once they've evaluated the market for it.

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