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Eater DC Readers Name the Restaurants They Miss Most

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In last Friday's Open Thread, Eater readers were asked to wax nostalgic and share which shuttered DC restaurants they miss the most and why. Listed below, in no particular order, are all of the lost loves that came in through the comments, Twitter and the tipline.

And in the spirit of reminiscing, here's one reader's first experience at the dearly departed Jean-Louis: "In 1986, I had just moved to DC to work for a newly elected Senator. Along with other friends, a well-connected friend invited me to have champagne in a room at the Watergate Hotel. From there, we went downstairs to Jean-Louis for the most remarkable meal I had to date. It clearly was a special place in DC, overseen by the late Jean-Louis Palladin."

1. Jean-Louis
2. Ruppert's
3. Ten Penh
4. Olives
5. Les Halles
6. Fritzbe's
7. Le Lion D'Or
8. Nectar
9. Nathan's
10. Armand's Pizzeria

11. Locanda
12. Orleans House
13. Le Gaulois
14. Suporn's
15. Sholl's Cafeteria
16. Casa Nonna
17. Food For Thought
18. Yazuzu
19. Vento
20. Kuna
21. Half Moon BBQ
22. Red Sage
23. Tung Bor Harbor
24. Fuzio
25. Colorado Kitchen
26. Dremo's
27. Asia Nora
28. Childe Harold
29. Little Tavern
30. Omega
31. Moon Palace
32. Ba Bay
33. Reeves
34. A.V. Ristorante
35. Papa-Razzi
36. Hofberg's Deli

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