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Inside Glover Park's New Gastropub Mayfair & Pine

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[Photos: R. Lopez]

This Friday marks the opening of Mayfair & Pine, a new Glover Park gastropub coming to you from a chef couple that recently relocated from the West Coast. Executive chef Emily Sprisslera Top Chef Season 2 alum — and her husband/chef de cuisine Jason Cote moved back to Sprissler's hometown DC as victims of the recession. Now, at long last, they open their first restaurant in the old Town Hall space, which given a tight budget, looks pretty much exactly like Town Hall.

Mayfair & Pine is inspired by the British gastropubs Sprissler loves: neighborhood-friendly, simple, cozy. Private dining space upstairs and in the back offers them an opportunity to be family-friendly, eventually to launch an all-family happy hour. They've got plein air paintings of London adorning the walls, but mostly American-sourced ingredients on the menu and the wine list. Signature dishes include a Thanksgiving open-faced turkey sandwich with stuffing doubling as bread, plus a rockfish with citrus beurre blanc. Mayfair & Pine will serve lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

The Menu: Mayfair & Pine
Executive Chef & Owner Emily Sprissler


Calamari $8
Leek Fritters $6
Mushroom Toast $10
Beef Wellington Nibbles $12
Corn Soup $9

Ciopinno ½ size $16 Full size $30


Candied Apple Salad $8
Mixed Greens $8
Shrimp Louis $14


Shepherd’s Pie $11
Two Onion Tart $11


Thanksgiving Sandwich $12
Grilled Chix Sandwich $10. 50
Lamb Burger $ 11.50
Meatloaf Sammy $10


Sea Bass $24
Rockfish $19.50
Black Cod $ 29
Ribeye $ 27
Miso Chix $14.50
Fish & Chips $15
Lamb Shank $32


Zuccotto $7
Hot Fudge Sundae $7
Tiramisu $7
Assorted ice creams and sorbets 3 scoops for $7

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