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Barcade Blasting onto H Street With Retro Arcade Games But May Not Get to Keep Its Name

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Erik Holzherr revealed to the Washingtonian today some details for what's to come in the old Fruit Bat space: "an 80's themed arcade bar" named Barcade — but perhaps not for long. Kevin Beard, owner of the Brooklyn/New Jersey/Philadelphia-based Barcade chain tells Eater that Holzherr's new endeavor is not associated with the group — and considering that the chain has the name trademarked, they do intend to send him a letter. Probably today. So perhaps anticipate some name-changing in the future.

Anyway, Holzherr— also behind Church & State and Wisdom — tells the Washingtonian that he's been collecting old school video games and ripping out the kitchen of the old Bat, which closed last month to reformat. This spot will focus on beer rather than the cocktails Holzherr is known for at his other bars, and games will only be of the retro variety, such as Atari and Donkey Kong and "maybe something with Twister" because what is better than drunken Twister, really? The bar aims to open July 10.

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1236 H Street NE, Washington, DC