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The Early Word on the Brixton and Its Killer Rooftop

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R. Lopez

It's been a couple weeks since the Brixton first opened on U Street, just in time to add a clutch rooftop option for Fourth of July fireworks viewing. So far the bar has been just packed every weekend, with even the open-air roof seeing considerable action on days with record-setting heat. While the roof seems to be the hottest place in town right now, it's time to look at what the early diners are saying about the restaurant and the ambiance at the Brixton.

The So-So Foursquare News: While one Foursquare user notes that the French toast "is the yums," others complain about some bad service at the bar plus a shocking lack of a bottomless mimosa. [Foursquare]

The Great Vibe News: Food Nomad writes about a Fourth of July visit to The Brixton, which he thinks was "built more for the atmosphere than the food," concluding: "The Brixton certainly delivers what it promised. It's big, brash and has a really great vibe to it. It's still relatively new and will require some patience. The food still seems like a bit of a work in progress and I certainly wouldn't call this place a casual neighborhood bar. But, a look at the full menu shows a ton of promise and there are plenty of neighborhood bars across the city." [Food Nomad]

The Great Fish and Chips News: Brightest Young Things does an early taste-test of the brunch and reports back on the fish and chips: "Modern, gasto-pub leanings aside, there might have been a small riot if there were no fish and chips on the menu - and they make some of the best we have had in town. The cod is moist and flaky, inside a crispy tempura-style fried shell which was light, crunchy, and far less greasy than the usual chippy. The chips themselves were giant wedges of potato - each fry must have been a quarter of a potato in itself - which insured lots of fluffy, potato-y interior in each soft bite." [BYT]

The Great Advice News: Washington Post nightlife writer Fritz Hahn has some advice for people who have found the Brixton a wee bit crowded: "And I know most people never believe me, but you should go to the Brixton on a weekNIGHT. Difference in crowds, service, etc is night & day." [Twitter]

The Bad Service News: Though Bitches Who Brunch generally liked the brunch and offered it a B-, the service was a different story: "The service had the same punk, hipster kind of attitude that seems to permeate all of the Hilton brothers’ establishments. Clearly, these people are all brought into the brothers’ inner circle, as they act like they are personal friends with Thievery and, therefore, far too cool to be serving your coffee. But even though their noses were slightly turned up, the staff was on point with the delivery of our drinks. Our coffee cups were never empty—although the coffee was rather bland." [Bitches Who Brunch]

The Terrible News: One Yelper was less than impressed with the culinary offerings: "I got the $14 burger and the fries that came out were cold. I NEVER ask for food to be returned but I just refused to eat cold fries. The waiter was really nice about it and got me new ones. The burger itself had a cold and almost wet-like bun to it and the meat was pretty flavorless. I decided not to return the burger because I didn't want to be "that" guy. My date had the Pork Bangers which is literally ONE piece of sausage cut in half on top of mashed potatoes for $18. Not impressed at all." [Yelp]

The British Pub News: Given the Brixton's British theme, this Yelper makes the comparison with other British pubs in DC: "With all this said, it was good tasting fish and chips, but you can get better, cheaper fish and chips at codmother, Queen Vic or my favourite Eamonn's a Dublin Chipper. Would I go back to Brixton, yeah for a special event, but if I wanted to just hang out at the British themed bar, I would head to H Street and hang at the Vic." [Yelp]

The Great Rooftop News: Most of the Yelp reviews are for the rooftop, and most of these are positive: "This place is awesome. It's huge. And it just feels classy, walking in. If there's one thing that DC could always use more of, it's rooftop bars. And The Brixton does it right. (Suck on that, Arlington.) The rooftop has two separate bars: a cocktail bar around the corner and a full bar right by the stairs. Fans are everywhere, so despite the 100+ degree heat, it was actually pretty nice out. Bartenders were friendly and attentive, and knew their stuff." [Yelp]

The Brixton

901 U Street NW, Washington, DC

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